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Who are Freedom&Humanity?

December and January seemed very busy, but it's time to get back on social media to do big things.

And, it seems, it's time to remind someone, and tell someone who we are, what we do, and why you should support us.

Until February 24, our lives were the same as those of millions of other Ukrainians. We were entrepreneurs, loved our business and sincerely believed in a bright future. But life made its adjustments and we decided that we simply could not stand aside. Like many other foundations, we also started with volunteerism and direct point-of-care assistance. But when we collected the first million, and the requests became more and more, it became clear that it was necessary to register the Charitable Foundation. Yes, from friends of entrepreneurs, we turned into Freedom& Humanity.

Our professional skills have become our strong point and allowed us to quickly build logistics, make efficient purchases and provide direct assistance to those who need it. But our main feature is humanity, because it is humanity that gives freedom!

For almost two years of existence, we have handed over several dozen cars to the front, the number of helmets, armored vehicles and first-aid kits has exceeded several thousand, we have handed over powerful light projectors for mobile groups of air defense forces, walkie-talkies, laptops, batteries, batteries, Mavics, sleeping bags, warm clothes and even coffee, so that the boys could warm up and feel, at least for a few minutes, a taste of "normal" life.

Whenever we feel tired, we look at the questions that just never end and realize that rest will come later. We are inspired by our military, and we are inspired by you - people who donate thousands and who give the last few hryvnias. It is this unity that allows us to continue collecting funds to meet the needs of the Armed Forces.

We know that victory will not be achieved easily, but we believe that it will come!

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