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"Debris in the heart"

Updated: May 26

We would like to remind you about our joint project with Ukrainian jewelers. The ornaments are made from fragments of a Russian missile shot down by air defense forces near one of the Kyiv thermal power stations. The name of the project "Debris in the Heart" symbolizes memory and steadfastness in the fight for freedom.

This decoration will be a great gift for loved ones and foreign friends and partners, as a reminder that the war continues and we do not stop.

All proceeds from jewelry sales will go to the collection for the 3rd Assault Brigade for an attack drone, a collection in honor of our fallen friend Karim, about whom we wrote earlier.

There are 4 pieces of jewelry left, so they are kind of unique and one-of-a-kind

There are two types available, which are in the photo. The other two types of jewelry are available to order.

The link to the jewelry is in the comments below or send us a private message and we will share all the details.

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