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Kiryukha (Karim Ukrainets)

It took me a week to sit down to write this post... I never thought it would be so hard on my soul to lose a friend in war. We saw each other just a week before the terrible news, gave him a thermal imaging sight, sat down as a family and had barbecue.

In the morning of April 23, 2024, he wrote to me about the sight "Thanks once again for the warmth! Yesterday I already banned the fag at 450m"

And a day later, his wife wrote that he was gone...(

Kiryukha (Karim Ukrainets) served in the 5th separate assault battalion and later in the 3rd assault battalion (3rd separate assault brigade). He and his comrades went through the toughest battles - Lysychansk, Severodonetsk, Bakhmut, he and his comrades left Avdiivka a few weeks ago.

Kyrylo Okhremchuk was born and grew up in Crimea. He always said how he dreams of driving into the liberated Crimea on a T90 trophy tank.

Karim was a warrior in spirit and essence. Loved the will. His daily goal was to destroy pod..v and bring the victory of Ukraine closer. His comrades, weapons, combat missions, which he called "boyachki" - he found himself in this, this was his real life.

Kiryuha was very life-loving and had a special taste for humor. He wanted all men to push up from the floor at his funeral. So they did. And when his friends told him, "How much we worry about you," he answered with a pathetic "P e r e g i v e t e!")

When you lose such people, you realize how little we, all of us in the rear, do for victory. We have to do more every day. Not for the Armed Forces. For myself.

In honor of Cyril, we announce a collection for:

1) A large impact drone-hexacopter, which will bear its call sign - "KARIM";

2) But on a small reconnaissance drone "Kiryusha".

The drones will be transferred to the 3rd assault brigade, where Kirill served, and his comrades will continue to take revenge on the enemy.

The collection will be held by the Freedom & Humanity Foundation, which I am a co-founder of.

The fee for drones is 800,000 hryvnias. Details for replenishment at the link:

Eternal and bright memory of the hero. We will always remember him as a kind, bright, indomitable warrior.

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