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The second month of the fund!

We want to share with you important figures that will speak for themselves. In the second month, the FREEDOM & HUMANITY Foundation managed to:

- to collect over one million hryvnias;

- buy or receive as a donation and transfer 7 cars, 18 drones, 27 first aid kits, 40 turnstiles, 41 walkie-talkies, as well as a duplexer, bus and thermal imager, which are already helping to ruthlessly destroy the enemy on the front line;

We are also already planning to buy an ambulance, a car for "Autobots" and 400 first aid kits.

This month we received very different amounts. Try to guess what was the biggest one-time donation last month? 119 000 UAH

But we also received donations for literally UAH 1 and we want to say that small sums make us especially happy. Because, as our director of the fund Anna Bilyk said: “These are the small steps that lead to big goals.

This is a signal: we believe in victory and do what we can. We do not stop. We will win!".

Thank you all for your trust and support

Let's win together!


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