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Report 2023

The year 2023 was clearly difficult, and we successfully overcame it together.

The activities of the Freedom and Humanity Foundation also had their results, which we want to share with you.


The amount of donations for 2023 was UAH 2,000,072

With these funds, the following were purchased and issued to the military upon request:


Thermal imagers - 1 pc

Mavic drones - 7 pcs

Charging stations of the Ecoflo type - 6 pcs

Walkie-talkies, akums and headsets for them

Refrigerator for blood storage - 1 pc

Tactical backpack - 1 pc

Ballistic helmet - 1 pc

Nissan Pathfinder car - 1 pc

And :

Coupons for diesel fuel

The lights




Israeli bandages

Tourniquet harnesses

Corrugated bandages

Occlusive dressings

The Armor in the Heart project has been initiated, which we will share in more detail in the next post.

We also urge you not to stop and support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We are not doing it for them. We do and should do it primarily for ourselves. So that we don't do it in the rear - it will always not be enough.

A low bow and great gratitude to our Defenders who tirelessly defend our country despite everything

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