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Foundation team

We continue to introduce you to the founders of the FREEDOM & HUMANITY Foundation. This time we want to talk about Eduard Savosh, who in the project is a hot creative energy and a cold mind of compliance at the same time.

Before the war, Eduard was engaged in legal business and tax consulting - his company SAVOSH GROUP provided services for business in Ukraine, helping entrepreneurs to be legally secure and tax efficient. With the beginning of the full-scale war he joined the ranks of territorial defense in the Kiev region.

"We organized a checkpoint at the location, local authorities and the local center of territorial defense began to connect. We gathered a team of men with a clear civic position and formed groups and shifts 24/7. At first there was almost nothing but flashlights. The first to put concrete blocks from the farm. They set up a tent with a stove, it was cold. So gradually everything was organized. Later, patrols on the streets and patrols on the outskirts of the village were added to the checkpoint. So we started to have complete control over the perimeter, ”says Eduard.

According to him, first of all, there were not enough radio stations and normal communication with all the patrols at the checkpoints. So he decided to take matters into his own hands and arranged for the supply of radio stations to the checkpoints. In addition, Edward and his friends started the production of spikes for puncturing the wheels of enemy vehicles.

"We also dealt with weapons, because that was another problem. Initially, we had only one Saiga rifle with a damaged magazine. It is good that we were protected by local hunters. The state provided us with weapons poorly, so we had to connect networking and our own communication skills. Therefore, we still have an AK-74. Later, I got a lot of different ammunition and especially eyes in the dark - night vision devices, "says Edward.

In parallel with his service in the Terror Defense, Edward actively helped all acquaintances and strangers as he could: provided civilians with housing, transport, food, medicine, and so on. And with the help of his mother, who works as the head of the evacuation train, Edward was able to take many more people to safety.

"Over time, I realized that there are a lot of bureaucratic and competitive issues regarding the management of funds and goods that are involved and distributed to humanitarian aid. Therefore, it was decided to open our own charitable fund to quickly and efficiently distribute our efforts and resources to those who really need it, "says Eduard.

With the support of Anna Bilyk and Vadym Zadorozhny, a foundation was established. With the help of the foundation and its founders, in less than two months they managed to help the military and civilians by millions of hryvnias.

Edward uses his own skills - ie knowledge of legal issues - to ensure the fund's business processes, as well as communicates with government agencies, which helps to solve urgent problems more effectively and more quickly cover the needs of the Armed Forces and civilians.

You can support the fund with a quick donation by following the link

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