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Foundation Team

Let's introduce you to her closer.

This is Anna Bilyk, director of the fund and its eternal engine.

Until February 24, Anna was engaged in consulting in the field of logistics and management, and managed the practice in the company OD&D. Organizational Architects. Her customers were top Ukrainian and international companies.

Since February 24, she has been applying her skills and abilities to effective management - she helped organize the work of the volunteer headquarters in the Odesa region, evacuate and start a new life for businesses, and engaged in humanitarian cargo logistics.

"Today, every Ukrainian has most of his hopes for our defenders. So when my friends and business partners Vadim Zadorozhniy and Едуард Савош came up with ideas and plans for the foundation and greater assistance to our defenders by combining efforts and competencies, I realized that maybe I did not plan such a career change, but this is exactly what we need do now. Now we use our skills and experience to organize fundraising, procurement, as well as an efficient and fast process of delivering the most necessary things to the hottest locations, "says Anna.

Thus, the ideas of several professionals turned into a large-scale project, which in less than 2 weeks of official work managed to raise its first million, form the optimal specification for the purchase of first aid kits, provide 3 cars units performing logistics combat tasks on the front line, purchase and distribute 50 helmets .

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