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One more pickup!

Updated: May 3, 2022

One more pickup truck for the vikonannya of the combat squads arrived at the forefront! The tsієї avtіvka will no longer have a good history - we will create it ourselves every day. Our horobr «Autobots», as if they are tying up the folded logistic tasks on the line of closure, for the sake of the skin, who helps them!

Thanks to your donations from the FREEDOM & HUMANITY Foundation, we have already bought and sent three cars to Autobots - all in just two weeks! All purchased cars undergo maintenance before shipment. "Autobots" work in the absence of road surface, so they need powerful and reliable transport.

Defenders now need:

  • Medical special transport

  • Trucks

  • Pickups

"Autobots" - a project to provide units on the front line with reliable cars to perform combat missions.

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